About Elodias Beach

We all need a home away from home. We need a place to unwind, where our minds are free to wander and evaluate things free from constraints of the daily grind. If we’re fortunate enough to go on vacation, we cherish every minute. Let’s face it though, we can’t be on vacation all the time. It’s simply not practical given the busy and demanding world we live in. We need to earn an income, and we need to take care of our family.

We can find ways to escape for short periods of time in our daily lives – whether it’s watching our favorite TV show, catching up with some close friends, getting exercise with our pets, going for a walk with our loved ones, the possibilities are seemingly endless. In fact, that’s what lead to the creation of this website. I wanted a place where I could write about my experiences and share them with the world. I’m a writer at heart, even if it’s not where my profession has taken me, and this gives me a way to fulfill my inner drive.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be lucky. Maybe some people will read what I have to say and they’ll relate to it. Maybe they’ll read much of what I have to say and want more. If they do, they may even start to call this website their second home. If I can provide that for even one single person, I’ll feel as accomplished as ever. That is what I hope to bring to the table with Elodias Beach.

-Barbara O’Keefe